Course Instructor, Introduction to Social and Developmental Psychology, Summer @ Brown, Summers 2013 & 2014

This intensive course introduces students to the idea of “theory of mind” and its role in the fields of social and developmental psychology.  Summer students gain general facility in reading and critically evaluating articles in the field of experimental psychology, as well as an understanding of the methodological principles and paradigms employed by social and developmental psychologists. Students complete short daily writing assignments, two longer one page papers discussing and critiquing empirical articles, and a final five page paper synthesizing material from multiple course readings.  Through participation in interactive lab activities, students also develop their skills as experimentalists.

Guest Lecturer

Franklin & Marshall College                                                                                                                                                                Minds, Machines and Morals: "Two social minds in one: The case of autism spectrum disorder," 2018

Brown University
Social Psychology: “Understanding Other Minds:  Categories of Mind,” 2016
Leading with Empathy: “Autism and Theory of Mind,” 2015
Introductory Psychology: “The Big Five Traits” 2011, 2012
Introductory Psychology: “Social-Cognitive Theory,” 2011, 2012
Thinking: “Categorization and Explanation,” 2011 

Teaching Assistant
Personality and Clinical Assessment (1 term – Brown University)     
Introductory Psychology (3 terms – Brown University) 
Social Psychology (1 term – Brown University) 
Statistics for Psychology (1 term – Williams College)